Tube Bend

Tube Bending in West Yorkshire

Swanglen Metals Products most recent investment in CNC mandrel tube bending is the SOCO SB-63 x 4A-2S a full CNC tube bending machine, which ensures greater accuracy than ever before.

This machine utilises both multiple-stroke and positive gripping feeding methods to optimise production efficiency. The machine is designed with a direct transmission bending system which results in an efficient and accurate production process.

The SB-63 x 4A-2S also benefits from being a two-stack machine which gives us the ability to produce components with two different centre line radiuses for more complex components.

With over 15 years’ experience, our skilled team of tube technicians can bring your designs from technical drawings to first-off prototyping, through to full volume production.

Swanglen Metal Products, as metal fabricators, has many years of experience working with designers from a multitude of sectors from within the UK and Europe, in many different types of tube diameter and tube materials.

We can offer full prototyping services through to small batch and high volume production.

SOCO SB-63 x 4A – 2S CNC Tube Bender Specification

  • Max. Tube O.D. for draw bending
    • 63.5 mm x 2.5t (mild steel) (CLR 1.5D)
    • 63.5 mm x 1.9t (stainless steel) (CLR 1.5D)
  • Max. Square tube for draw bending
    • 50.8 mm x 50.8 mm x 3.0t (mild steel) (CLR 2D)
  • Maximum tube length with mandrel: 3850 mm
  • Maximum Feeding Stoke: 2600 mm
  • Maximum Radius Difference between Bending Dies: 80 mm
  • Maximum Bending Angle: 1900
  • Number of bends per tube: 110 Bends
  • Number of Programs: Unlimited

Other equipment and services

Comac 3001 Ring Roller – 12mm OD – 32mm OD Ideal for tube manipulation without the need for mandrels, but ensuring minimum tube deformation.
This same principle can be used to roll steel box sections & angle sections.

See Swaging – Tube end forming and Flow Drilling & Tapping and our expertise in MIG welding thin-walled tube (1.2-1.5 mm wall)

Our Other Services and processes include Laser Cutting,  Press Break, Flow Drilling & Tapping, TIGMIG welding and Powder Coating,

Tube Bending Services in Yorkshire

All work is carried out at our Swanglen Metal Products site, Riverside, Castlefields Mill, Castlefields Lane, Crossflatts, Bingley, Near Bradford, West Yorkshire BD16 2AB