TIG Weld

TIG Welding Services in West Yorkshire

Top quality Tungsten Inert Gas, TIG welding, of aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and brass by Swanglen Metal Products, Yorkshire.

Strong, high-quality welds with close control of penetration, heat and inner weld bead.

TIG welding gives stronger, higher quality welds with excellent visual appearance than do competing processes.

As a metal fabricator, all our welders are fully trained and experienced with all materials and products of all sizes.

See TIG Brush Cleaning with our TIG Brush TBE 250 cleaning system – especially worthwhile on stainless steel.

See below: Clean, high-quality and very strong welds in stainless steel.

TIG welded joint before TIG brush cleaning
TIG weld before TIG brush cleaning


Rotary fusion joint TIG welding
Rotary fusion joint TIG welding


Our Other Services and processes include Laser Cutting,  Press Break, Tube Bending, Flow Drilling & Tapping, MIG welding and Powder Coating,

Metal Fabrication Services in Yorkshire

All work is carried out at our Swanglen Metal Products site, Riverside, Castlefields Mill, Castlefields Lane, Crossflatts, Bingley, Near Bradford, West Yorkshire BD16 2AB