TIG Weld Cleaning

TIG Weld Brush Cleaning in West Yorkshire

TIG Weld Brush Cleaning

TIG Weld Brush Cleaning: Swanglen uses the most advanced TIG weld cleaning technology in the world. All our TIG welds are cleaned using our TIG Brush TBE 250 cleaning system. This is a safe and effective way to clean the welded surface of stainless steel. It has been designed to quickly remove the blue and brown iron oxide marks without altering the surface finish of the metal, TIG brushing also passivates the metal in the same operation.

What causes the blue/brown marks after TIG Welding?

When stainless steel is welded, the intense heat generated causes chromium depletion, so an iron-rich zone is left around the weld. High concentration of surface iron, together with the high welding temperatures, causes the iron to oxidise immediately. This results in the characteristic blue and brown discolouration on the welded area.

What is TIG Weld Brush Cleaning?

The TIG Brush comprises a brush through which an electric current is passed. The brush is dipped into a cleaning fluid and then applied to the areas to be cleaned. The fluid is designed to remove the iron oxide marks which result from welding, unlike pickling paste, the active ingredients of the cleaning fluid are not inherently dangerous to operator health and if used correctly the fluid is non-toxic to the environment.

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