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High-frequency Welding for PVC Seat & Pad Manufacture

High-Frequency Welding

Swanglen uses a High-Frequency Welding process to manufacture various PVC seat and back pads, often for the medical industry. The process produces a fully-sealed and waterproof pad, which is easy to clean after use.

We can manufacture pads up to 650 mm x 450 mm specifically to your own requirements. If you would like to discuss a future project, please contact us.

What is High-Frequency Welding?

High-Frequency Welding is the process of fusing materials together by applying high-frequency energy to the area to be joined. The energy produces localised heating of the materials, causing them to soften and melt, thus allowing their molecules to fuse.

After a period of cooling the materials become joined together at the point of the weld. The resulting weld can be as strong as the material itself. As with any form of welding, the materials must be heated to a high enough temperature to cause the materials to fuse with each other. In high-frequency welding, the workpieces are also pressed together to help them fuse.

Swanglen Metal Products uses the tear-seal welding method. This is a dual process which simultaneously welds and cuts the material.